About us

To the Stephens Fine Homes Team: Thank you for the passion, care, dedication and humor you bring to work daily. Your talent and tenacity form the backbone of our brand.

To our Clients – Past, Present & Future: Thank you for your faith, loyalty, and friendship. Every home we build is a sacred trust; your dreams inspire us, your ambitions challenge us, your joy affirms our purpose: to deliver exceptional homes, we’re as proud to put our name on as you’ll be thrilled to call your own.

At the heart of our ever-expanding Stephens Fine Homes circle, we are especially thankful for our families, who so graciously share their title with all of you, our valued friends. Together, we have achieved amazing results. With several prime inner-city developments slated to begin early this Spring, I am confident the roots of our success have far to grow- and will continue to strengthen.

As a young boy with a toy tool belt, my fascination with building things grew naturally, rapidly, and deep. My early enthusiasm for woodworking began modestly with constructing toys, and soon expanded to full-scale furniture projects: chests, tables- even grandfather clocks. I was endlessly enterprising: seeking out DIY projects around the house, begging my mom’s permission to begin renovations. What I may have lacked in formal training, I made up in instinct, practice and sheer teenage ambition.

That same ambition led me to realize my other boyhood dream: while other kids happily settled for playing pilot, I set a course for the real thing. From Aviation College, to flying floatplanes in the Arctic, to being hired by a major Canadian airline- I achieved the fantasy, and was honored to live it for over a decade.

Comfortable in my capital-C Career, I resisted the ever-present ease of complacency. I still felt compelled: to challenge myself, to create, to BUILD. When flexibility in my flight schedules offered a window of opportunity- I seized it.

I started buying old houses. Financed to the max, my renovation budgets were tight- enough for material costs, but barely. I supplied all the physical labor personally: plumbing, drywall, and, of course, woodwork. Setting up an impromptu workshop in my garage, I replaced kitchens with custom cabinets built from scratch. And loved every dusty, sweaty minute of it.

Over time, as my renovation projects grew larger and more complex, it was apparent I was facing another inevitable transition: Demolition. My first house was a semi-detached property in Capitol Hill; I was astounded to have offers on both units, even before the sub-floor was installed. After my second project was featured in a local Home magazine, friends sought to enlist me to build their own custom homes.

It wasn’t a tough decision. Immediately thereafter, I applied for a Leave of Absence- and, 8 years later, I haven’t looked back.

Thanks to the faith of my friends and family I have been lucky enough to see my truest passions brought to life: rewarding work that isn’t a job, but a calling; quality time with my incredible family; and a reality that surpasses even the wildest of my childhood dream.

Bryce Stephens (Owner)


It is a tremendous privilege to build someone’s home- and we know we wouldn’t have that without the communities we build them in.

As Stephens Fine Homes has grown, we have been fortunate for the opportunity to give back to those communities we live, work, and play in: as donors, as sponsors, as fundraisers, as neighbours.

Whether constructing community play structures, supporting local schools, growing moustaches for Movember or serving as Celebrity Poker Tournament committee members, we are passionate advocates of active citizenship- committed to creating lasting foundations, for healthy communities.

We are incredibly proud to be primary benefactors of the Flames Foundation for Life (the charitable arm of the Calgary Flames Hockey Club) on whose behalf we have been honored to raise over $150,000 in the last 3 years. With proceeds typically channeled to campaigns directly impacting Albertans (including $1,000,000 towards Calgary’s 2013 Flood relief) we are continually humbled to witness our city’s spirit and generosity, transforming lives firsthand.

Calgarians understand: Charity begins at home.

At Stephens Fine Homes, that’s a foundation we intend to build on.