Press Release: Posted on behalf of Jason Maas – 1806242 AB LTD

In regards to the incident that occurred on Friday November 18th, I regret a decision that was made to move a vehicle by force in order to attach our trailer. It was poor judgement on our part and we accept full responsibility.

A client of ours, Stephens Fine Homes, has also been implicated in this incident due to his advertising being prominently displayed on our trucks and garbage bins, for this, we very sincerely apologize.

We have been in contact with the Calgary Police Service to communicate the situation and have been informed that the owner of the vehicle affected by the incident has not come forward. In the event that the owner does come forward with a claim, we are prepared to address the situation accordingly.

We are embarrassed and humbled by the situation and have full intent to rectify it any way we can.    

Sincerely, Jason Mass
1806242 Ab LTD

Press Release: Post on behalf of Jason Maas – 1806242 AB LTD